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We would like to know each one of you by name.

At CAR Tune Independent Service, we pride ourselves on taking personal care of each customer. Our customers know who we are and we know who they are. They quality of our work is outstanding, and our pricing is significantly lower than dealership rates. We can often get vehicles in and out the same day to minimize inconvenience for our customers. Your vehicle will be repaired right the first time, and we will always stand behind any work we perform.

Our goal is to fix your car, not keep it coming back for fixes

Our goal at CAR Tune Independent Service is to develop a partnership with our customers to keep their vehicles safe and dependable. Trusting a repair facility with your automotive needs is no small matter. We do everything within our control to build and earn that trust every day.

Knowledge is power, and we have the power

Our mechanics are ASE certified and undergo continual training and education in the latest automotive technologies. In addition, our years of experience have allowed us to amass a large volume of knowledge about cars on the road today - their strengths, weaknesses, common problems and fixes, and more.

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