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Basic Services

We do: oil/filter changes, air filter change/replacement, A/C service and repair, radiator/coolant flush and fill, timing belt replacement, auxiliary belt replacement, water pumps replacement.

We also specialize in transmission service! Did you know that failing to replace your ATF (automatic transmission fluid) is the number one cause of failed automatic transmissions? Don't let a few dollars in fluid cost you hundreds of dollars in transmission replacement! Get your trans fluid inspected and replaced now!

FREE Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Forget those insane dealership prices - we'll read your OBDII "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" code for free, and we'll even decipher what your engine is trying to tell you! Our state-of-the-art On-Board Diagnostic Code Readers will tell us what we need to know in a matter of minutes! If it's a minor or one-time warning, we can even clear the code and stop the "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" - for free!

If your code comes back with something serious, we can provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision for repairing and replacing the offending part.

We do alignments!

Is your steering wheel off-center? Does your car pull to one side or another? Are your tires wearing out faster than you thought possible? You probably need a laser-guided, computerized alignment - and that's just what we do at CARTUNE! Utilizing our Hunter 4-wheel laser alignment rack, we can make the necessary adjustments that you need to keep your car on the straight and narrow.

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